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Interface Design

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Roca Group is a leading global corporation in design and manufacturing with over 3,000 products on sale and 125 different product types, from bathroom furniture to spare parts. Their past product catalog was constructed 10 years ago. During my internship, I reduced the costs of catalog generation by designing a new structure that allows the catalog to be automatically generated every year from an excel database. The catalog meets the needs of the 4 targets the company works with (shop retailers, architects, installers, and final users) and supports the information of approximately 3,000 products and 125 different product types worldwide. The new catalog saved Roca 2 months a year and ~1 million euros worldwide of manual updates and reduced human errors.


Software: Adobe InDesign

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#infographics #icons #website #packaging #productphotography


SproutsIO Inc. is an MIT Media Lab company working on developing a fully automated, smart, soil-free Microgarden for the kitchen. I built the system design for their website, designed infographics to explain the technicalities of their product in a user-friendly way, and envisioned their packaging design.


Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Rhino3D

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