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Sprouts IO Assets Design


SproutsIO - MIT Media Lab Startup


UX Designer


Boston, MA


Summer 2017 (Internship)

SproutsIO Inc. is an MIT Media Lab company working on developing a fully automated, smart, soil-free Microgarden for the kitchen. They use an ML to personalize the taste of the fruits and vegetables that can be cultivated, and everything is controlled through an app. During my 3 months internship, I built the system design for their website, designed static and in-motion infographics to explain the technicalities of their product in a user-friendly way, and envisioned their packaging design.

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Rhino3D

Icons & Packaging

One of the major challenges for a company launching a never-seen-before technology product is to explain to its users how it works without being too dense or using too many specific technical terms. Currently, the “unit” icon has become the representation of the brand, and it is being used in a diversity of communication materials, including the packaging. To create the unit icon, I used Rhino3D to extract the 3D from the render model, and then I simplified it using Adobe Illustrator. 

I designed a total of 70 icons and created a guideline and template in Adobe Illustrator for future icons to preserve their consistency with the other brand assets.


Examples of icons. Setting up the unit

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 8.52.06 AM.png

Days needed for different types of seed to be ready to harvest

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 8.53.21 AM.png

Image from SproutsIO Instagram.

Published on Dec 21th 2018.

Hybrid Hydroculture Infographics

The Hybrid Hydroculture system is probably the most important feature SproutsIO has created and yet it can be challenging to explain.

This static infographic creates a visual representation to easily explain the process.

It was created using the render of the unit and Rhino3D. The smoke and water were created using Adobe Photoshop.

Hybrid Hydroculture infographics.jpg
Other Artefacts
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